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An Ecuadorian company that produces and export fresh cut roses of premium quality. We are located in the Cotopaxi province, south of Quito, at 2,850 meters above sea level; which is the best region of the country for flower production. Our portfolio includes over 55 of the latest and most exclusive varieties for all markets. The farm has 16 hectares; and our product is cultivated to the highest standard, caring deeply for our employee's and the environment.

Our roses have been recognized in different markets because of their high quality, which is reflected in our large size buds, long-strong stems, well defined colors and beautiful foliage.

The geographic location of our farm gives us an advantage on high productivity, coming into an excellent opportunity for being your main supplier on holidays.

The perfect sort of colors we get on our availability brings you the ideal variety for any occasion; As well, our customized packs for the specific needs of every client.

Additionally, you will get consistency on quality and production, long vase life and personalized customer service all over the year.

We have established a firm commitment; attracting, motivating and holding the best professionals, offering an attractive place to work, guaranteeing and promoting professional development and leadership opportunities in the company.

More than 170 people are working on our farm, all of whom live in the community around. Some of the main benefits that they receive are: medical attention, nutritional support, healthy diet (breakfast and lunch), transportation, a safe working environment, a flexible schedule and many others.

We also believe in fresh and new ideas, that's why we keep renovating our staff with young talented people. Those are distinctive elements that make us particularly attractive to our current and potential employees and a source of competitive advantage.

We have the perfect combination of technical skills and professional experience that allow us to grow a top quality rose. Under high tech greenhouses and with the latest irrigation software & devices, we compliment with a trained workforce, giving us a result of the wonderful product you deserve.

One the most important process of our chain is the selection of the stems and the bunch design. We have more than 30 experts on the art of packing your roses. With a brilliant quality standard and an outstanding endeavor we obtain a remarkable bunch.

On the final step before the roses leave the farm we guarantee that the product will arrive with the excellence you deserve. In order to accomplish we have unique quality boxes that allow us to pack the exact number of bunches in order to conserve quality and save money on freight.


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Km. 2 1/2 Alpamalag de Acurios. Pujili, Cotopaxi - Ecuador.
Phone: (593-3) 2724 240 • 2723 866 • 2723 715


Eugenio Espejo #5 y Vía a Tanda. Plaza del Rancho, Of. 54, Cumbayá.
Phone: (593-2) 3957 525
e-mail: info@orellaroses.com

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